Steroids Are Popular But The Risks Need To Be Considered Seriously

About Steroids

Anabolic steroids are extremely popular today. We have over 100 varieties of them to date with only a very limited number being approved for veterinary or human use. Each one is a 'Schedule III' which means it requires a prescription to use them medicinally within the United States.

Because of the strict regulations there are lots of illegal steroids being smuggled in from various other countries, while others are being illegally diverted from United States pharmacies and others being synthesized in hidden laboratories. It has been estimated there are over $400 million worth of steroid sales on the black market every year.

These steroids being sold illegally are mainly linked up to athletic competitions or single athletes looking to find an edge. However, outside of the sports world they are also used to alter people's appearance. They have really grown in popularity over the years and in 2001 it was reported that as many as 2% of all high school students had used steroids in the previous year.

How They Are Used

Injection is the most often used method of steroid workout supplements use. A needle is used for injecting the drug straight into the blood stream or into a muscle. However, there are also pills and gel tabs available as an oral option as well as creams that can be directly onto the skin. While a single steroid can be taken in these ways, some people prefer to take them together in mixes with others, which is known as 'stacking', 'cycling', or 'pyramiding'. Using any one of these methods can cause the dosage to rise from between 10 and 100 times higher than the ones normally prescribed for people with medical conditions.

Physical Effects of Steroid Use

There are 2 main ways that steroids affect the body -

1. Androgenic Effects - Masculinizing effects such as the deepening of the voice, initial enlargement of certain male sex glands, and increased facial hair.

2. Anabolic Effects - Increased muscle mass, increased calcium within bones, and the size of certain internal organs.

The entire process that steroids use to work is quite complex. Basically, steroid hormones stimulate specific parts of muscle cells. That stimulation causes increased protein production (one of many chemicals involved with muscle mass increase).

Psychological Effects

Here is another reason why steroids are so popular. Much like within the drug culture there is a certain euphoria to be gotten from steroid use. However, what goes along with it is not always so pleasant. Most people have heard of 'roid rage' by now. It is a manic rage and users show a very intense aggressiveness and violent tendencies.

Even though users might feel really good at times the mood swings tend to always wind up on the negative side. Depression is a serious side effect and dependence on taking the steroid can come on quickly. Users can feel paranoid, jealous, delusional, extreme irritability, and feel as if they are invincible.

Steroids are definitely very popular but not everyone using them is thinking it through all the way. What may seem like a good time today can turn out to be a nightmare tomorrow.